BDFEG Rider Profile of the month

February 2021

Fran "President"  Turner

Read about our president Fran Turner! 

This month we have decided to show case our esteemed leader Fran Turner. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances (aka a lack of maturity in the Media Teamwhich resulted in uncontrollable giggling fits) we were unable to secure a video interview so I hope these words will suffice.

 If you listen verrrrry carefully your international ear may detect the a slight english accent which remains, giving away Fran's country of birth. Fran comes from a horsey family and secured her first horse at the tender age of 10, a New Forest Pony called Fiddler, a hand me down from a cousin.

Fran's riding career began before the days of whiz bang gadgets like 'balance support reins' so Fran spent plenty of time dismounting over Fiddlers head...this may have been a major factor in Fran's decision to cast her equestrian hobby aside for boys in her teenage years!!

 This wasn't an entirely unwise decision as Fran met her husband John when she was 21 while travelling Europe. They married and relocated to Australia in the eighties, doubling their household along the way with 2 children, Jason & Breanna.

 Fran thought Pony Club Mum life had a nice ring to it so when Breanna was 10 a pony was sourced . It is no surprise that Fran immediately took up some behind the scenes duties at Pony Club, going on to become Secretary and DC for many years at MSPC.

Breanna eventually headed off to Uni, leaving in the paddock Maishy, the horse she had evented up to 1* and like any good horsey Mum Fran thought it would be  a brilliant idea to join BDFEG and pop on off to TTT Horse Trials with said daughters well schooled mount. Maishy was very enthusiastic about this idea and so was Fran until an excitable dressage and an unplanned dismount in the XC warm up took a little wind out of their sails.

 We are  also led to believe that Fran is actually a closet showie  who is in possession of a blue ribbon for   'Best Presented' from TTT Showing after her first and only showing experience (no mean feat that!!) on her TB, Melvin.

 Nowadays you will see Fran upon a young buckskin called Topaz.  Fran is working on building a fun partnership with Topaz with goals to go out and do some lovely, calm competitions in the future. Another place you will see Fran is chairing meetings where the patience of a kindergarten teacher is required to  try bring order and decorum to the sometimes unruly mob of BDFEG committee members.

 Fran we wish you all the best for 2021 with Topaz, we love having you as our President and you are NEVER to leave us!!!